No matter what my work has been in my life, I’ve always been powerfully motivated by empowering people.

The opportunity to empower people to help themselves has been a key factor in just about every area of my life. Reading cards for people is yet another method of empowerment. It helps you to trust your intuition.

As the years have gone by, I’m continually amazed at how connected we all are to Spirit and the Angels.  Many times, my clients have told me that the guidance the readings provided is in alignment with what they were feeling or what they were thinking, but they just weren’t sure. The reading confirmed their instincts and they felt more comfortable moving forward.

We all need reassurances from time to time. Reminders that we can trust our intuition.  If you are questioning your feelings around a situation, or are wondering what the best path forward is, consider an Angel Reading with me. You may just get the assurances you’re looking for!

I recently had a one-card reading by phone with Carrie of Divine Angel Guidance and it was SO spot-on. Her reading style is warm and nurturing. The guidance I received was very applicable to my situation and is helping me to stay centered in a time of huge transition. I most highly recommend her services!

– Nikki Starcat Shields